Wu wei I, book sculpture made of trash material. Recycled coffee filter pages sewn in a variation of longstitch. (2018)
Lapsuus (Drive a GTO on a government loan), book sculpture made of trash material. Welded car chassis parts, tin soldier, recycled coffee filter pages sewn through the chassis in a variation of longstitch using linen thread.  (2018)
Wu wei II (Philosopher in a cave), book sculpture made of trash material. Rusted truck chassis part as found, recycled coffee filter pages bound together and attached with three stitches through drilled holes. Metal parts protected with renaissance wax.  (2018) 
Please, please. Binding sewn together and torn apart, stained with tea, writing in graphite. 2017
This too shall pass, artist book consisting of six illustrated leather-backed plaques. Collected together with waxed linen thread and housed in a custom made box. 2015

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