Folders for Non Serviam sighthounds, linen bookcloth on thin board, 2014
An example of a typical book that can be repaired. 2018
A repaired large family Bible. Completely new boards and back covered with dyed reindeer skin, new gilt headbands. Leather from the old covers preserved and pasted on. Multiple paper repairs, some new sewing and new linings in the book block. For reference, job cost approx. 500-600 euros.   2012
Vintage Ford Manuals before and after. Manuals were repaired, reinforced, collated and sewn into a single book block. New covers made, with the original title cut into a plaque and sunk in the front cover.  2016
Custom made diary with soft goatskin cover. High quality Mi-Teintes artist cardstock inside, with burnt edges. Sewn in a variation of longstitch. 2012

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